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Trainer, consultant and speaker.

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Who am I?

The entrepreneur side

Técnicas de Organización is my current main project, one of the most important blogs about personal productivity and organization in Spanish nowadays.

I am an expert in these two areas and, despite having to deal with GTD and some other well-known productivity tools everyday, my true strengths are goals definition, knowledge management and personal productivity methods design and tailoring to any person and context.

In December 2014 I published La Revolución Productiva giving my first step in order to help anyone build their own productivity method and become far more productive.

Do not hesitate to have a look on my LinkedIn profile for all the other details.

About me

As a Telecommunications Engineer (INSA de Lyon, France), I have worked in information security mostly for banks. Early 2016, I decided it was time to follow my passion and started working full-time on personal productivity.

I am living in France, I love to be challenged every day and I have some rare interests such as behavioral psychology, intercultural differences and theater. That might be why, despite the fact that I have an engineering mindset (with mathematics and logic everywhere), I like to solve problems observing, understanding the context and unblocking situations rather than just using huge and complex productivity tools.

Some of the books that have influenced my work the most are Nudge, The tipping point and Influence.

Are you looking a mentor to boost your productivity?

My mentoring 1 to 1 online service is also availiable in English (sessions and communications) except for the additional materials (which are only availiable in Spanish).

You can contact me through the contact form on this page footer and request an online evaluation meeting to learn more about this service or check the service info (only in spanish) through the button below.

It will not be necessary to understand Spanish at any point (despite some extra materials not being availiable in English).

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